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the green party community

for greens worldwide

green party
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this is for all members and followers, active and passive, of green parties worldwide. all are welcome!!! please feel free to watch this journal and post as often as you wish.

there are no limitations, only infinite freedom.

even if you are just curious about the green party and are not affiliated, you are VERY welcome and encouraged to join.

have a great day!
10 key values, abolish death penalty, adequate income, advertising tax, affirmative action, affordable housing, african american reparations, after-school programs, anti-trust, approval voting, big corporations, bilingual education, bisexual, bureaucratic domination, campaign finance, child health, civil liberties, civil rights, class exploitation, class size, clean water, committees of correspondence, community assemblies, corporate crime, corporate limited liability, cut military spending, dc statehood, democracy, democratic media, democratize united nations, disabilities, diverse media, ecological sustainability, ecological wisdom, ecology, economic democracy, efficient transportation, elected officials wages, eliminate madatory primaries, end war on drugs, environment, environmental defense, environmental justice, environmental restoration, equality, fair ballot access, fair housing, fair trade, family planning, federal revenue sharing, feminism, free child care, free education, free higher education, freedom, gay, global green, grassroots, grassroots democracy, green party, greens, head start, home ownership, housing, immigrant rights, indian tready rights, infodiversity, inheritance tax, jobs for all, lesbian, lifelong public education, living wage, living wages, maximum income, military spending, nader, no charter schools, no commercialization, no high-stakes testing, no vouchers, noncommercial media, nonprofit media, nonviolence, overtime pay, party finance, patents on life, payroll taxes, peace conversion, police brutality, political persecution, preference voting, preschool, preventive health care, prison slave labor, pro-choice, proportional representation, public campaign, public housing, public transportation, racial persecution, racism, ralph nader, renewable energy, reproductive freedom, republicrat, same-sex marriage, sanitation, school funding, senate, sexism, small farmers, social dividends, social domination, social justice, social movement, solidarity, superrally, synthetic chemicals, teacher pay, teacher training, ten key values, third party, transgendered, universal health care, universal social security, war, watchdog, wealth tax, winona laduke, work week, worker's bill of rights, workplace democracy, world peace